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UPVC Windows Prices

UPVC windows prices range anywhere from $200 to $750 fully installed, meaning it includes the window itself and the complete cost of installation. Homeowners should really not be paying over or under this amount. The cost for upvc windows themselves (excluding the installation price) runs between $150 and $550 - a substantial price range. Here are some broad cost ranges.

Entry Level Pricing

The entry level cost will range from $200 to $350 installed. This will include both the price of the window and professional installation. This assumes a low to mid price (and quality) on the installation itself.

-- $200 to $350 installed --

Mid Range Pricing

The mid range cost runs from $350 to $550 installed. Learn more about standard project pricing and the quality of product and installation you can expect.

-- $350 to $550 installed --

Premium Pricing

Premium cost runs from $550 to $750 installed. Learn more about premium project pricing and the quality of products and type of installation you can expect.

-- $550 to $750 per window installed --

One Note: This website is intended for American users interested in UPVC windows prices (as opposed to a UK audience and elsewhere). The term "UPVC window" is much more popular thorughout the UK and elsewhere. In the United States, they are usually referred to as vinyl windows. We use the terms interchangeably due to the fact that, for the most part, they are identical in meaning. Click to learn more about the basics of these windows.

Factors That Affect UPVC Windows Prices

There are a whole host of factors that determine UPVC windows prices. While it would be difficult to cover every single issue that could crop up and would determine pricing, we have listed several of the most prominent issues that will determine how much you pay for each window with installation.

Size Of Window
Quality Of Extrusion
Glass Package
Hardware Options
Complexity Of Installation

Types And Styles

There are many window styles available with this frame material. In fact, nearly every type of window is made in vinyl, from palladian to round top to you name it. The most popular include single and double hungs, casements, as well as bays and bows. Explore the many different window styles to find out what makes the most sense for your next project.


UPVC windows prices will certainly depend on the window manufacturer. Some market these windows under different company brand such as Andersen who sells through vinyl frames under the brand Silverline. Others specialize only in this frame material and produce excellent products such as Okna and Soft-Lite (Soft-Lite recently took over Gorell so they now have many more products in their arsenal).

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