Basics | What Are UPVC Windows


UPVC Windows Prices : Basics

Basics | What Are UPVC Windows

So exactly what are UPVC windows? We will go over the basics, how much they typically cost and some of their benefits, downsides as well as top manufacturers. This is a good place to start if you are looking for the ABCs about this window frame material and to find out whether this option is right for your next project.

UPVC Window Basics

UPVC is short for unplasticized PVC (PolyVinylChloride) and is the name given to the material that helps to create vinyl window frames. In the United States, most consumers refer to these windows as vinyl, in the UK and elsewhere they are referred to as UPVC windows. While there are differences in how the two regions of the world construct their frames (in the United States the frames tend to be more narrow in their construction, what contractors refer to as having narrow sightlines), the material is very similar.

While the initial UPVC windows had issues with bending or warping, today's UPVC is much stronger and more versatile. This is one of the reasons that UPVC windows make up over 50% of the replacement window market. There are additional reasons for their popularity, which we have detailed below.

Advantages Of UPVC Windows

Cost Effective

This is the big reason why homeowners go for a UPVC window - the price. You can get good quality UPVC windows installed for $225 to $725 per opening. Compare this to good quality wood windows, which will run more like $700 to $1200 per opening. This can make a huge difference to your bottom line if you are replacing 30 windows.

Entry Level: $225 – $350 installed

Mid Range: $350 – $500 installed

High End Pricing: $500 – $725 installed

Quite Nice Looking

Decent to higher quality UPVC windows look quite nice. They aren't stunning like a fir or oak wood window, but they look very nice, especially in a newer home. Because the frame colors tend to be a white, off white or a soft tone of gray, they tend to not bring a lot of attention to themselves - they blend in nicely to the home. As long as the hardware (crank, handles, etc.) don't look cheap, the rest of the window will look good in a white or off white frame.

Very Littel Mainteance Required

UPCV windows require little to no maintenance over the years. Homeowners will want to wipe them down occassionally to remove dirt and debris that builds up over time. Besides this, they require no additional care. They shouldn't be painted so once you choose the color, you are going to have to live with it.

Downsides Of UPVC Windows

Not Ideal For Extreme Climates

UPVC can become brittle in extreme cold and can bend in extreme hot climates. If you do live in this type of a climate, you are better off with a composite material or fiberglass that does not expand or contract as much in extreme temperatures.

Five Top UPVC Manufacturers

This isn't a definitive list, but here are five UPVC window companies in the United States that get high marks from both contractors and homeowners. They are listed in alphabetical order. We hope you learned a bit more on what is UPVC windows and will continue to explore more about these companies to find out if their products are right for your home.


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