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Best UPVC Windows

Finding the best UPVC windows is not totally cut and dry. Different climates and temperatures will influence the best windows for your home, along with preferences such as overall look, performance numbers, pricing and budget considerations and more. However, there is some basic agreement amongst many of the industry experts as to who makes very solid UPVC windows. Here are 6 of the best products out there - listed alphabetically by manufacturer.

Gorell 5100 Series

The first one on our list is Gorell 5100. Interestingly, Gorell was recently bought by Soft-Lite so it is unclear how the new company will market the Gorell products.

Cost Of A Standard Sized Double Hung: $400

Okna 800 DX Series

The second of our best UPVC windows is the OKNA 800DX, also known as the Enviro-Star. This is their top end vinyl window and there are some contractors/installers who rate this the best vinyl window on the market. Certainly it is a good one.

Cost Of A Standard Sized Double Hung: $500

Simonton 5500 Series

Simonton is often called the Ford car of the window industry; well made, nice looking, but nothing too fancy. The 5500 is often a standard go to option for many contractors who want a well priced vinyl window that is going to look good and function well.

Cost Of A Standard Sized Double Hung: $425

Soft-Lite Imperial LS

Lots of installers love the Imperial LS and go back and forth on whether this or the OKNA is the best in the field.

Cost Of A Standard Sized Double Hung: $475

Sunrise Essentials Series

The window uses a narrow frame (with foam fills) that provides lots of glass for better viewing. Excellent features that make it a high performing window that looks good with contoured edges.

Cost Of A Standard Sized Double Hung: $55

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