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Mid Range Cost Of UPVC Windows

The mid range cost of uPVC windows will range from $350 to $600 installed. This includes both price for the window and the cost of the install. Learn more about a standard project pricing and the quality of product and installation you can expect.

-- Complete Price Range: $350 to $550 installed --

Mid Range Window Cost

Mid range vinyl windows will use a nice grade of extrusion. Vinyl extrusions are a mix of roughly 85% pvc pellets and 15% additional materials (most with long, confusing names but for the most part they are basically heat stabilizers and pigments). The extruder should use quality ingredients to achieve a consistent extrusion in both color and durability. The extrusion may use a slightly thicker wall than a lower grade uPVC and will almost certainly use more chambers for a stronger extrusion that offers better insulating properties. The chambers will certainly use a reinforcement, typically a steel or composite in this price point. The chambers may or may not have a foam fill for better strength and a higher U-value.

Mid range extrusions will differ from low end extrusions in the following ways:

Thicker Walls: Slightly thicker in the walls. The result is better insulation and therefore lowers heating and cooling bills by a small margin.

More Chambers: Use more chambers. The result is a stronger frame that can support a thicker pane or multiple panes. Also holds up better over the life of the windows.

Better Reinforcements: The extusion is reinforced using steel or a composite material. The result is a stronger frame that doesn't bend or warp in hot weather or break in extreme cold.

-- $250 to $450 --

Mid Range Installation Costs

Installation for a mid range upvc window usually goes hand in hand with a middle of the road priced installation. While $75 per opening is fine for simple inserts (no frame or jamb replacement is necessary), homeowners should be wary of this price for a typical replacement that involves work on the stops, sills or any exterior trim or capping. At $150, homeowners should expect this level of detail, along with proper measuring, leveling, insulation, caulking and sealing.

-- $75 to $150 per opening --

Total Project Cost

The total project cost for mid range upvc windows is $350 to $550 and includes the cost of the window and the installation from a professional installer. Homeowners can expect a quality window model from manufacturers such as Atrium, PGT, Anlin, Simonton, Okna and Sunrise.

-- Complete Price Range: $350 to $550 installed --

Mid Range Cost Of Bay Or Bow uPVC Windows

Mid range bow and bay upvc windows will run anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 fully installed.

-- Total Price: $1,500 to $2,500 installed --

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