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UPVC Window Project Tools

Explore our project tools section on UPVC windows and find great articles and topics that can help you get the best UPVC windows for your home. We are constantly adding new pages to this section to better serve our users so please check back periodically to see our new additions to this part of the site.

Cost Calculator

Our UPVC window calculator can help you find an accurate range of prices for your next replacement or new construction project. This is how our UPVC window calculator works. Enter the style and type of window...

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Best UPVC Windows

Finding the best UPVC windows is not totally cut and dry. Different climates and temperatures will influence the best windows for your home, along with preferences such as overall look, performance numbers, pricing and budget considerations and more. However, there is some basic agreement amongst many of the industry experts as to who makes very solid UPVC windows. Here are 6 of the best products out there - listed alphabetically by manufacturer. Learn more here.

Cost Of Installation

The cost of window installation for standard replacements should typically run something like $100 to $175 per opening. Of course, the full range of UPVC window prices is more like $50 to $300 for replacements. New construction replacement (where the frame, jambs and sills are being replaced) has a range of $250 to $500 per opening...

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UPVC Windows Pictures

View a number of uPVC windows pictures and photos from residential homes. We have also provided some basic information about each shot to illustrate the advantages, options and costs involved with this type of window.

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