Types And Styles Of UPVC Windows


UPVC Windows Prices : Types And Styles

Types And Styles Of UPVC Windows

There are many types and styles of UPVC windows. Discover the basics about each style, the basic price range as well as a summary statement on each.

Types & Styles Of UPVC Windows

UPVC Bay Windows

UPVC bay windows are 3 windows where the frames are often mulled together at an angle to provide a space that extends out from a home to provide an extended viewing area. They also provide more living area and are commonly found either in kitchens as a dining nook or in living rooms for reading spaces or viewing areas. They are fairly similar to UPVC bow windows, which are 3 or more windows that connect together in more of a subtle curve.

Price Range: $900 to $4000 installed (more on bow window prices)

Bottom Line: An expensive but very attractive project that can actually create more living space in your home and provide some visual interest and beauty to one of the walls.

UPVC Casement Windows

Casements are quite attractive window options that open from the side outward. They use a handle or crank that turns and opens the entire frame and glass pane, allowing for really great ventilation and breezes. This is one reason they are the most popular option for basement egress windows (which require a certain amount of open space to allow for a "safety escape"). They tend to be one of the more pricey options but have a ton of excellent features that many homeowners think are worth the price.

Price Range: $350 to $750

Bottom Line: A more expensive but attractive type of window that opens outward.

UPVC Egress Windows

These are More on what egress window cost.

Price Range: $2,500 to $4,000 installed

Bottom Line:

UPVC Sliding Windows

Sliders (sometimes referred to as gliders) slider horizontally, as opposed to up and down like a single or double hung or swinging outward like a casement. They are quite popular for numerous reasons, one of which is that they are relatively inexpensive. In addition, they offer lots of glass and less frame so they allow for lots of light and viewing area. They are typically considered less sturdy and not quite as attractive as single or double hungs (but this is really in the eye of the beholder).

Price Range: $125 to $600 installed

Bottom Line: A good, no frills, relatively inexpensive option that allows for lots of light and easy opening.

UPVC Single And Double Hung Windows

Single and double hung windows open up and down with either one or two sashes respectively. They are the most popular type of window on the market and are often taller as opposed to wider (as is the case with sliders).

Price Range: $200 to $600 installed

Bottom Line: A popular window that looks great and typically functions very well at a reasonable price point.

UPVC Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn are typically an offshoot of a single or double hung where the window unit can be either tilted or turned for easier cleaning. This is a nice convenience for certain homeowners with windows in difficult to reach spots such as second stories where cleaning and or maintenance can be a challenge. The one downside is that the more movement on a window, the more parts that can fail. Make sure that if you do opt for these that you go with a manufacturer with a good reputation for these type of UPVC windows.

Price Range: $275 to $700

Bottom Line: An intricate window that allows for easy cleaning and lots of options for opening that will be more expensive compared to a simple single hung.

UPVC Round Windows

These are simply units that are build in a circle or oval and known as a type of specialty window. Perfectly round windows are also referred to as porthole after the shapes commonly seen on ships. If they can be opened, they can offer great ventilation and they are typically very sturdy with a thick frame. They are a quirky style that, if done right, can add lots of character to a home.

Price Range: $150 to $600 installed

Bottom Line: A specialty window that can add charm and character to certain types of homes.

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