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Basics Of UPVC Window Prices

In general, UPVC window prices will range from $200 to $750 for both the product and installation per window. The following are upvc windows prices for a standard sized double hung window. Each type of window will have a different range, which we have also provided below.

Entry Level UPVC Window Prices

Windows Only: $150 - $250
Entry level vinyl frames will be from a lesser grade extrusion with less chambers that help to strengthen the overall frame. The glass package will be double paned with an entry level low-e glass. Expect lower grade hardware materials and few if any upgrades.

Installation: $50 - $100
The bottom end of this price range is not recommended for most projects as you typically get what you pay for. Simple replacements will often run $75 to $100 per window, which typically does not include replacing the stops and sills.

Total Project Cost: $200 - $350 installed

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Mid Range Pricing

Window Cost: $250 - $400
Mid range vinyl frames will be a better quality extrusion, perhaps thicker with one or more chambers to add to the structural integrity of the frame.

Installation Costs: $100 - $150
This is the standard price range for installation for replacements with stops and sills. This may or may not include a bottom sill pan and flashing (it could at the upper end of this price range).

Total Project Price: $350 - $550 installed

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High End Pricing

Window Cost: $425 - $575
This is for the top of the line vinyl windows - strong extrusions and multiple chambers with foam fills. The glass package will be top shelf with a high end low-e glass and a spacer system. Expect nice upgrades such as grids, screens and frame finishes.

Installation Costs: $125 - $175
This is the upper end of the installation pricing (although new construction windows which involve replacing the entire frame, jambs and sills can run up to $600 per opening - although $300 to $400 is more standard) and should include proper measuring and leveling, foam fills around the opening, replacement of the sills and stops, aluminum flashing on the exterior and capping if necessary.

Total Project Price: $550 - $750

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