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uPVC Windows Pictures

View a number of uPVC windows pictures and photos from residential homes. We have also provided some basic information about each shot to illustrate the advantages, options and costs involved with this type of window.

This is a great shot of a double casement. A standard white frame - you can really see how much movement is possible with this set up. The windows definitely look better closed, but the double casement option provides tons of ventilation.

In this example, you can see how nice vinyl windows can look, espeically with a muted stucco. All of the windows are fixed, with the exception of the casement on the right side. The vinyl is perfect here because they don't require maintenance, which is diffficult on fixed or unopenable windows placed on at the top of a home like this.

Vinyl sunroom windows can still look really good - this home is across the street from the beach so the windows take a lot of abuse; sun, wind, salt air etc. The uPVC can simply be wiped down every season and they will hold up nicely over time. UPVC windows have great performance numbers (at least the high quality products like the ones in this photo) which translates to a warm cozy sunroom in the summer or winter.

Additional uPVC Windows Pictures

This picture highlights the many frame shap options available with vinyl frames. The set up here is obviously custom and was probably not inexpensive, but once it was installed there was little to do on the maintenance side - that is nice piece of mind, espeically for a larger condo complex where access to your unit may be awkward with your neighbor.

Vinyl can be used for lots of different types of windows -- in this single shot you have single hungs in the bay window, porthole windows, round top and patio doors. The white UPVC looks quite nice with the bolder blue board and battens.

Again you can see how the white vinyl looks nice on a relatively muted stucco. The vinyl is a strong material with a sturdy but not bulky frame width. This window will last a long long time.

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